5 of our 7 JDWC online sessions are now complete.

Can you believe it? 5 of our 7 JDWC online sessions are now complete.

This week we saw some new top performers in Brazil (StarComMoney), France ( Aerryne), and Poland ( Fineasz.U). This competition is still anyone’s to win and we are loving watching the events unfold.

In Australia, JustDez95’s not only held onto their #1 spot, but also added around 70,000 points to their score.

Benelux stayed the same and Dion Visser is looking strong to head to the JDWC Finals.

The competition in Brazil is a real nailbiter, with StarComMoney stealing the #1 spot from Guuh86. We also saw a new face in third with Gui Ennes , while saying goodbye to CamusCreed and Will A Zeferino in the top 3.

Canada’s top 3 contenders continue to hold to their slots while increasing their scores.

Aerryne jumped in front of StahL as Frances new #1 contestant after StahL held on tight for a few weeks.

AkaMisaki is still fighting to stay #1 in Germany, but we welcome KevinDudas onto the leaderboard’s top 3 which pushed LemurSchnalle to #3 from #2.

No changes in Italy’s top 3 which means MoonAngel90 is still looking like our finalist who will be sent to the Italian National finals to compete offline.

Mexico and Nordic’s lineup stayed exactly the same at the 4th online qualifications.

In Poland our top 2 contestants Robert120400 and Majadyduch took a hit from this week’s competition and now Fineasz.U is in the lead.

This week we welcome Manujon27 to the top 3 in Russia, kicking out HarshDeaDan. Mereth surpassed Jescarpal this week after both contestants improved their scores.

The UK our contestants also stayed the same bother in rankings and scores for top 3, meaning Chazza is on track to head to the National offline qualification.

In the United States, our top 3 contestants held onto their slots, but we did see 144,258 point increase from littlesiha.

Rest of America and Rest of Europe had 0 changes in scoring or rankings, but in the Rest of the World our top 3 all improved their scores from Session 4 while keeping their rankings the same (meaning Arms73 is still in the lead).

Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in the JDWC Online qualifications.

If competing online is not your thing, do not forget we will be hosting offline qualifiers in Brazil, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Russia.

For those looking to take another shot online, we still have 2 more sessions coming up over the next 2 week on August 27 and September 3.

Keep Dancing!

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