3 Online Qualification Sessions down, and the competition is hot!

It’s our third online session of the Just Dance World Cup qualifiers and it has been a very exciting competition. Dancers are keeping the competition fierce as they battle in their countries/slots to win a spot at the Just Dance World Finals.

In Australia caitlinnoob is in the lead, but themadhorse closely follows. An exciting competition is occurring in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and the Just Dance Squad’s very own Dion Visser is currently leading the pack. Brazil has had an impressive number of competitors and Guuh86 continues to stay strong with his lead. In Canada, SteveSoyYo is keeping everyone on their toes, as is StahL from France ( Remember, whoever wins France will get to compete at the countries national offline finals). Germany’s very own LemurSchnalle15 is currently number 1, but Ragnar19 is catching up. Italy is having an exciting online qualification with MoonAngel90 currently in the lead and if they continue to hold strong, they will also go to the Italian offline qualification. In Mexico, Warfutt_ is the dancer to be paying close attention too as the competition continues. GamingBT is making Nordic proud and Robert120400 is reminding us all to be on the lookout for Poland. Sanya JDU is currently #1 in Russia and Oerbadir in Spain. Aazzlano has been working his way up, and now holds the top spot for the USA. Xtreme_ko is currently #1 in representing the Rest of America slot. You will find that CarlosShadow7 is in the lead for the Rest of Europe slot and last but not least, we must mention arm73 representing the Rest of the World slot.

It’s still anyone’s game! Remember – we’ve got another online qualifier session happening this Sunday, August 6 at 16:00 ( PDT,GMT,AEST)

Happy dancing!

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