5 new people take the lead around the globe on the world dance floor

The 4th Sunday session of the Online Qualification of the World Cup has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As the sun rises, our hearts beat a little faster as we see some new people in first place in Australia (JustDenz95) , Nordic (Veannae), Poland ( Robert120400), Germany ( AkaMisaki) and Spain (Jescarpal).

It was another week of fierce competition.

With JustDenz95 taking the lead in Austrailia, we saw ChillingJeans10 leave the top 3.

Our top 2 leaders in Benelux ((Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Dion Visser and JimmyLeijten continue to stay strong in the lead, but Keurntjes was beaten by Dreamscyrian taking that top 3 position.

Brazil, we continue to see a very competitive landscape. Guuh86 is still holding on to the #1 spot, but Will A Zeferino has surpassed StarComMoney in #3. This tournament is still anyone’s games. And whoever wins these online qualifications will go to the Countries national offline competition.

This past Sunday did not change the top 3 for the leaderboard in Canada or France. SteveSoyYo and StahL are still leading and both improved their scores from last week.

In Germany, we watched AkaMisaki ( a week ago not in top 3), take the #1 spot in Germany, moving LemurSchnalle15 to #2 and Ragnar19 to #3.

MoonAngel90 is still dancing their heart out to stay #1 in Italy. Bacchi is following closely behind in 2nd, but this week we had FrancescoDDJ take 3rd, kicking PSCAPPA out of the top 3. Whoever wins Italy will have be sent to the offline national Italian finals to compete.

Mexico we saw an impressive competitive spirit from Jesusd14 who moved up from 3rd to 2nd, and we welcomed AlexBlinko182 in 3rd pace to the top 3. In The USA, Aazzlano, ZOMBSLAYERxxx, and littlesiha are still holding on strong.

It was a nail-biter competition watching Veannae move from 2nd to 1st place this week. GamingBT is not too far behind, so it a competition we should all keep a close eye on.

In Poland, The United Kingdom, and USA our leaderboards stayed the same. The top 3 in Poland: Robert120400, majadyduch, and TussalGymnast531 stayed as top 3 and Chazza, ShaneClough, and Puppeeeh39 held their ranks in the UK.

Xtrem_ko, Dial-k901 representing Rest of America remained our top 2 from the previous week, but Fial-k901 made some big jumps in their score and are getting close to Xtrem_ko. It was exciting to see Toniuuuu come in to top 3.

In Russia, Sanya JDU held onto their lead, but SiViOMango just got themselves a bit closer to #1 by moving up from 3rd to 2nd.

The competition was insane this week in Spain with jescarpal coming out of nowhere to take #1 on the leaderboard. Mereth86 continued to hold onto spot #2, but Oerbadri is now #3.

CarlosShadow7 and Arms 73 hold their leads under Rest of Europe and Rest of World. Although, Aloyz9871 rose up from 3rd to 2nd in Rest of Europe and Hypermarket surpassed LicanDeaf, taking the 3rd spot in Rest of the world.

Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in the JDWC Online qualifications. Just a reminder, there will be no session next Sunday. We will see you all again on August 20. Make sure to keep practicing. There are only 3 sessions left and anything can happen!

Keep Dancing!

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